👋 Hey there, I'm an Italian growth practitioner and creator based in London.


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I'm a 4x growth practitioner based in London, currently in the growth team at Qatalog — a series-A, B2B startup that is reinventing how teams work and collaborate in the post-COVID era.

I love working daily with designers, engineers, PMs, and marketers from diverse backgrounds — building software that will positively impact our daily life. Before Qatalog, I’ve spent six years in SaaS & marketplace companies, understanding how software products are built, packaged, and distributed — executing on go-to-market strategies across multiple channels and scales (from seed stage to public companies).

Outside of work, I'm currently focused on learning design by mastering Figma (for web, UX/UI, visual design) as well as learning as much as I can about web3 and crypto (especially investing and NFTs).

Other passions that define me include: electronic and hip-hop music, photography, rock climbing, meditation, and more. I know... life is one, deep rabbit hole. 🙂

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